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I love music, animals, gardening, sunsets, and most anything outdoors. That is when I'm not spending time surfing (oh.. I mean working) on my computer. I especially enjoy taking pictures of nature and working in my garden.

This picture was taken at the top of the Seatle Space Needle in 2006.

The pictures above, on the left, and right were taken in Washington during our family vacation in August of 2006. The 2 girls in the blue tube with me are my sister's daughers. (boy was that fun) The picture on the right is of my son and I on the same family vacation.

Above I am in my July, 2005 garden....

and to the left I am in my 1998 garden.

I do love to grow gardens.

Sitting on the wall of the fountain in the Seatle Washington Science center Here I am at the Seatle Washington Science center sitting on the wall by the musical fountain. The water from the fountain actually changes as the music changes. The girl sitting next to my is my niece, isn't she cute!
Riding my quad in utah This is me on my quad, riding on the trails of the American Fork Canyon National Forest in Utah.
Shooting a bow and arrow Shooting my nephew's bow and arrow. This was taken at my sister's house in Seatle Washington during our family vacation.
working on the rock wall Working on the rock wall. I am on the upper landing. (see where my left hand is pointing in the picture below)
The Rock Wall! The rock wall, as of August 2006. This side is almost done. To the left we are going to build a waterfall, but that will be after we finish the block wall along the driveway.
Standing by my DVDs Another mug shot of me standing in front of my wall of DVD movies. I am a collector of DVD movies, and on August 28th, 2006 the collection had around 560 movies.
Sea World Here I am at Sea World with some friend's of mine. Great water show.
December 2004 This picture was taken at my mom's house on December 2004.
Now for a trip back through time!

Once upon a time I had hair.....
It has been a few years, yes this is my H.S. graduation picture... in fact in 1999 my son got his graduation picture taken at the same school that this one was taken. 25 YEARS EARLIER!!!
But I've been standing up for so long that it's all fallen through my head and comming out my face!!! LOL

And yes I even had a pony tail for a while... I guess I was going through a rebelious period of my life. Don't talk to my mom though, she still thinks I'm going through my rebelious stage.
I do have a tendency to get caught up in my thoughts (usually some business ideas) and have been known to offend people because I totally ignore them. This is not intentional and anyone who knows me understands that I am just in my cave.
Cory at the beach Here I am at the beach... one of my favorite places

click on the thumbnail and you will see
that the writing on the shirt says.....
I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up

....that just about sums it up for the cory dude
Cory with a wrap around facial hair Yes, it's me with a wrap around. Sometimes I like to change up the facial hair, just to have something different. This one didn't last that long.
Cory in a tree, cutting it down Watch out below!

This photo was partially ruined by water, but it still gives you the idea of how crazy I am. Here I'm up in the tree that I'm cutting down.
My true self...Howling Wolf! Hanging out with an old dead friend

Another example of what happens when the two crazy brothers get into their true charactures and make an appearance at the singles dance. This was taken at the 1998 Halloween dance for the LDS Singles group
Self portrait of Cory After almost 10 years of having a full beard, I opted to follow the new fashion fad (in 1998) and cut the beard. Actually I was ready for a change, but I wasn't ready to loose it ALL!!!
Cory in hat Well... the chin hairs didn't last long....
It's now back to just a mustache!!!
Cory with his eagle shirt, sunglasses and hat Hanging out in my hat and sunglasses.
Cory at dog beach in a purple suit What can I say........there has to be a swimsuit picture! (and yes, I'm a stud!!!)
Cory as a DJ This was taken while I was doing a party.... notice the tie, it was casual and I was a bit overdressed.

I have since streamlined the DJ setup. I don't carry those big cabinents anymore.
Cory in the earlier years of DJing Here's an old picture I found of me doing a DJ job in the late 70's. The quality of the picture may be a little poor, is a picture of me when I was first starting out as a mobile DJ.

Here I am with my friend Brent, and the DJ setup we used in the 80's
You will notice all the lighting. I was really into doing lighting back then. I made those foldup boxes.

And of course we can't leave out the baby pictures or the young cory picture
(these pictures also enlarge)

Baby Cory Baby Cory with a smile Young Cory

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