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Handyman work by Cory

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Some of my tile jobs

Front entry as seen from front door
Front entry from front door
Tile hearth for fireplace
Tile hearth for fireplace

Front entry from side
Tile floor in the office
Tile floor in hallway as seen from the office
Bathroom floor
Bathroom shower

Kitchen Counter
Kitchen Counter

Kitchen in granite
Counter next to Oven

Tile around a gas fireplace
Tile around my mom's gas fireplace

Tile in front entry
Tile in my mom's front entry

Tile by garage door
Tile by garage door

Kitchen Counter
Kitchen Counter at another friend's house

Close Up
Close up view of granite

I also love doing rock and cement block work

Rock Waterfall
Rock Waterfall

Rock Wall
Rock Wall

Block Work

Block Wall as you enter the property - 2005
Entering the property - 2005

Block Wall as you enter the property - now
Entering the property - Now

Block Wall - Close to House - Part way
Close to House

Block Wall - Close to House - Now
Close to House - Now

BBQ Pit from Road
BBQ Pit from Road

 Top of Block Wall
Top of Block Wall - Close to House

Click here for progression views of the block wall being built looking east.

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